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Lida Eisenbruk was born in Czechoslovakia during the Communist period. Her mother managed a textile plant, making shirts in the village of Hradec Kralove, so fashion came naturally to Lida from an early age. 

At the age of 16, she won a contest for ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ in Czechoslovakia and soon found work in various fashion-oriented companies.  In 1990, when the Iron Curtain came down, Lida grabbed her two young sons, got on a plane, and took off for Canada, landing in Montreal where she soon found work sewing clothes in a garment factory.

She spoke neither English or French but her talent spoke for itself and as so often happens, opportunity soon knocked and a chance event led to a position designing kids outerwear. As her skills and talents were recognized, she moved on to ladies dresses, and finally found her métier - designing men’s and ladies coats and jackets – for a succession of major brands including Utex, Marie-Claire, Nordstrom, and Sears.

For over a quarter century now, Lida has been designing kid's, ladies and men's outerwear and ladies skirts and dresses for major European and North American fashion brands. She travelled the world on behalf of the companies she worked for,  visiting the traditional fashion capitals of Europe – Paris, Milan, London, Frankfurt, and Geneva. More recently she's been travelling to China to visit the new fashion capitals of Hong Kong and Shanghai.



When the time came to launch her own label, she immediately knew she would specialize in ladies outerwear - coats and jackets for women who looked for distinctive style and quality.  She also knew the name she would market her fashions under.  In her travels, she'd found a word used throughout the world that means the same thing in just about any language – BANG!  Then she added the word ‘Couture’ to reflect the style and fashion sense her brand would personify. Voila! ... BANG Couture was born.

She decided BANG Couture would be the go-to brand for ‘Women Looking to be Women’, celebrating their sensuality, style, and fashion sense, balanced by their desire for comfortable, practical, well-made clothing that would fit any woman’s wardrobe.


Searching for a muse, she found inspiration in Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.  His paintings and designs celebrate confidence, inner beauty, and a Bohemian ‘Je ne sais quoi’.  The marks of every great artist.  The marks of every successful fashion brand.

Drummondville Show


In Montreal, the home of Canadian fashion, style, and adventure from the jazz age through to the present day, Lida found her home and eventually the location for her business.

Every piece of Bang Couture outerwear is designed by Lida here in Montreal, then produced through a select group of carefully vetted international partners who she works with and visits regularly to ensure quality and check production. With quality, sustainability, and sophistication as its watchwords, and an unwavering dedication to dressing strong, independent-minded women, Bang Couture is a young brand with a growing following and on the way to its goal of becoming a significant player in the global market for quality women’s outerwear. 


Lida invites you to share in her quest to create one of the world’s great fashion brands.  She’s confident you too will say what just about every BANG customer says when we talk to them on the phone or meet them at shows: “I just love my BANG Couture coat (or jacket).  It’s so warm, comfortable, and stylish and it seems just about everywhere I go, other women come up to me and say ‘I love your coat!’ ”.

Ready to get compliments everywhere you go? Try a BANG Couture coat or jacket for yourself and experience what a lifetime’s experience designing and producing stylish, sophisticated ladies outerwear looks like and feels like.

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